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About us...

About Us

Camp Isaiah is a phenomenal experience. Those that have attended over the years have gone away feeling like they experienced something very special for that week of their life. 

At camp we seek to integrate the spiritual and athletic lives of youth. 

During the week: 

Campers stay in a gender separated dorm at 9,000 feet at Pingree Park,

the Colorado State University mountain campus.

Camper to leader ratio is usually 5 to 1 or better. 

The food is fantastic. 

We have daily devotionals and small group sessions

that seek to teach kids the basics of Christian spirituality.

(Camp Isaiah is non-denominational…see faith statement) 

We run epic, amazing, gorgeous, trails in the mountains of Colorado near Rocky Mountain National Park. 

We have clinics that teach kids the fundamentals of distance running. 

Elite distance runners and coaches occasionally show up to speak. 

We have a week long smorgasbord of games, fun and fellowship during the famous

“Camp Isaiah Tournament of Champions”…where YES everyone is a winner as the prize pool is usually loaded with great prizes. We also have various entertainment provided by musical guests and dance groups. 

Each participant receives a goodie bag full of various items, most notably a camp logo hooded sweatshirt. 

Camp Isaiah seeks to provide kids a safe, fun environment to explore their interests in the Christian faith and distance running. We have wonderful leaders who are open minded, intelligent and caring.

Our leaders job is not to tell a student what or how to believe in Jesus by presenting a bunch of rigid, preset guidelines or political beliefs that must be followed or else. It is the leaders job to facilitate a process that seeks to present the truth of the word of God from the Bible, provide healthy open discussion on how it pertains to their life… and then allow a student the dignity to wrestle with these truths and begin or continue to explore Christian spirituality.

Wake up time will vary based on run for the day....

We also typically make adjustments for weather and or fun activities but for the most part the day looks like this:

8:00am Run

9:00am Breakfast

10:00am Devotional

11:00am Free Time

12:00pm Lunch

1:00pm Free Time

2:00pm-4:00pm Game Activities

4:00pm-5:00pm Run Clinic

5:00pm Free Time

6:00pm Dinner

7:00pm Evening games

9:00pm Evening Devotional 

10:15pm Lights out